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Qigong Preparatory Stretching



Roni Edlund, senior student of Damo Mitchell performing a stretching sequence that we use within Lotus Nei Gong courses for beginners. These stretches are designed to counter many of the tensions which may occur in the early stages of practicing Daoist arts. Each of the tendon collaterals (and so meridians) are lengthened ensuring that the joints can open and the various energetic pathways lengthen.
Filmed Xmas 2012 in Morocco…

Soooo many negative comments on this video are really unwarranted and quite funny. This video shows our stretching sequence that we give to almost all of our students on our courses. In the video Roni is demonstrating the stretches to their maximum, the furthest they can go. Only those who are very flexible should go to this far into the movement. Those with less flexibility should go less deep into the stretch. The video was put up to help those on our courses remember the sequences, they have been taught individually and know how deep to go into the movements.
EVERYBODY should stretch regularly, it is good for your health. I am tired of Qigong practitioners saying that they don't have to stretch, that is why some of the stiffest people on the planet are practitioners of Qigong. If you relax and stand in a certain position for long enough you will result in contraction which will tighten the body and restrict the flow of energy through your system. The counter argument to this is that many Qigong MASTERS (not students) are soft and they do not stretch. This is usually because they were martial arts practitioners in their youth and so stretched extensively meaning that much of the joint opening work was done when they were younger.
I teach this sequence to everybody that I teach and all students can comfortably go into these shapes and lengthen their body effectively within a very short space of time regardless of their age. The reason for this is that they have been taught how to stretch correctly. Don't look at the size of the stretch Roni is doing, look at the way in which she is doing them and then ask yourself just how loose is your body really? Would you benefit from lengthening some of your lines of connective tissue? I am guessing that almost everybody would do.

I am now closing the comments on this video. If you don't like the stretching don't do it. Trust me, Roni has an incredible amount of Qi flow which is not hindered in any way by her stretching. Use this video if you are a student of ours and are trying to re,ember our warm up sequence.