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Bruce Lee's Famous ONE-INCH PUNCH VS. DK YOO's Impressive ZERO-INCH PUNCH! - Wing Chun Speed. Power.



Bruce Lee's Famous ONE-INCH PUNCH Versus DK YOO's Impressive ZERO-INCH PUNCH! - Wing Chun Speed. Power. Kung Fu. Jeet Kune Do. Warfare Combat Systema 15 Martial Arts Fighting Expert VS the Founder of Mixed Martial Arts, UFC Pioneer, Fighting God, Legend, Grand-Master Bruce Lee.
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Bruce Lee was and still is the greatest kung fu master in history, there have been many who have close to being successors to his legacy, a new legend in the making is one such man by the name of Dk Yoo, from Korea, he has shown the world his skills and stunts, doing demonstrations of boxing and pulling power from the ground to the fist, meditation visualizing the opponent, teachings in different parts of the globe instructing and helping fighters gain quickness and effectiveness with speed and strength in the full anatomy. Training with Special Forces but never in the ring or the street. Bruce Lee fought in the street and fought with and trained with the best masters on planet earth, underground matches, sparring, iconic styles witnessed by thousands across his life span molding and creating Jeet Kune Do.