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Top 10 Tai Chi Push hand - awesome tai chi chuan



Top 10 Tai Chi Push hand awesome tai chi chuan Taiji Quan Combat Fighting
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Master Wong has selected the top 10 most effective tai chi techniques from the Yang and Chen style forms. Showing the application of how the techniques would be used in the streets today, as well as against other styles of martial arts.
Originally Tai Chi or Taiji was designed for combat and the Chen style was formed. Created by Chan San Feng, who was from the Wudang Mountains. Later warriors learn this to reached the highest level of combat understanding. Tai Chi is known to have 5 styles of form: Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun Ng. The most practiced worldwide today is the Yang Style for health benefit reasons. Tai Chi is sometimes translated as ‘supreme ultimate’ or ‘great polarity’ and is expressed in the symbol of yin and yang. A universal force composed of the powers of yin and yang is central to Taoist philosophy. ‘Chuan’ means fist or boxing, Tai chi Chuan means supreme ultimate boxing or grand ultimate fist, the highest attainable martial art using the principles of yin and yang.

Tai Chi chuan relies on technique, balance and softness. It’s suitable for beginners of all ages and can be practiced martially with a view to combat and self-defence, or with a focus on the health benefits and relaxation.
Learning Tai Chi combat will give you the keys to unlock your body’s full potential power. This coupled with Master Wong’s modern contemporary approach allows you to make the power of the forms relevant for use against the likes of boxers, MMA fighters or thugs Which are the popular styles that are likely to be used in real combat in the 21st century.
Here you see how Master Wong uses pulls, push, grabs, locks, kicks and striking techniques to defend him self. As easy as they look it stills require precision, speed, strength, balance and the understanding on the body mechanics.

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