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Wu Tang Collection - SHAOLIN TIGRESS



Director: Lee Hyeok-Su
Cast: Polly Shang-Kwan, Kim Jeong-Nan, Kim Young-In, Yun Ji-kyum, Kwon Il-Soo

The magistrate of a county in Youngnam, Yun Ji-kyum, is an evil man. When the royal palace sends a secret royal inspector to check Ji-kyum out, Ji-kyum has his men murder him and then disguises his death as the acts of bandits. In the past, Ji-kyum conspired with the bandits to have a wealthy man killed. Mi-ryung, the daughter of the wealthy man, went into the Shaolin Temple to train martial arts for fifteen years. As she returns to the county, Ji-kyum frantically tries to have her captured. Ultimately, Mi-ryung is caught and suffers at the hands of Ji-kyum. When Il-mae, a female secret royal investigator shows up and is dispatched by the imperial court, she rescues Mi-ryung and arrests Ji-kyum. When Mi-ryung and Il-mae realize that they're sisters who were separated 15 years earlier, the two embrace each other and shed tears. They go to their parent's graves and bow in respect. They transport the bounded criminal Ji-kyum to Yang

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