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Son of Wu Tang aka Clutch of Power aka Dao Hun



I Do Not Own. No copyright infringement intended. Son of Wu Tang aka Clutch of Power aka Dao Hun (1977) A rogue swordsman known as "Soul of the Sword" has been hired by the Mongolian General to wipe out any Chinese patriots who stand in the way of the Mongol invasion. However, he kills the father of a young Kung Fu expert who teams up with the "Drunken Monk" to put an end to "Soul of the Sword's" reign of terror, and thwart the Mongol invasion.
"There is a meaning to all this. By fighting me, you are privileged to die by my sword."
Sung Dynasty, 1267. Mongolian forces attacked the fortified city of Shang Yang. The Sung military forces sent for help, but the traitorous prime minister Chao Tao sent a false report to the Emperor seriously crippling the Sung forces in the process. Chao made a map of the Chinese defenses and sent a courier to deliver this map to the Mongol hordes. Intercepting the emissary, a heroic patriot managed to foil this plan and instead got word to the Emperor and exposed Chao Tao. An Sing Yao, known as 'The Sword Spirit', is approached by a mysterious masked man on horseback to stop an important document from reaching the Emperor. Refusing to accept money for the job, the supercilious swordsman agrees for reasons known only to himself. He embarks on a journey cutting down all patriotic Chinese linked to protecting the document. One night, An Sing Yao kills 'The Lone Swordsman', Chan Tin Pang. Exiting the premises, the masked man then enters and slays his wife and daughter. Hearing the commotion, Chan's son, Chan Yi, awakens to find his parents and sister dead. Seeking answers from his master, Fang Chuen Chang, Chan is sent to Tung Hai village in an attempt to goad the powerful Tung Hai swordsman, Wah Lung, out of retirement. Being the only one who can combat the 'Sword Spirit', Chan is given a branch cut from a tree by the 'Sword Spirit' himself, to deliver to the retired sword master. On his journey to the village, Chan and his companion, Pu Chi, encounter many assassins including the sinister 'Fox'. The masked killer stays close to Chan and also employs 'The Fox' to aid in retrieving the coveted document. Pu Chi is killed and Chan meets up with an unknown swordsman who helps him at an Inn when a group of killers converge on the establishment looking to murder Chan and swipe the map. Sometime after, 'The Black meteor' is killed by 'The Fox' during an attack by a gang of ghoulish assassins wearing white hoods and silver skull masks. With both men poisoned in the fight, the dying swordsman tells Chan to head for The Flower Valley, there Chan will find who he is looking for. Chan makes it to Flower Valley and is ordered to recuperate first and study the flowers before he learns the Butterfly Stroke, Wah Lung's sword style. In the meantime, Wah's wife is sent to deliver the branch back to 'Sword Spirit' with a letter denoting that the two will duel at Sun Hill on September the ninth. But his wife is secretly in collusion with the mysterious masked assassin that hired 'Sword Spirit', An Sing Yao. Leaving his blind daughter, Fong Fong, to stay with Chan, Wah Lung meets the determined swordsman on the appointed day. 'Sword Spirit kills Wah and returns to the masked stranger and delivers the document to him. An Sing Yao is still discontented as he recollects that Wah never used his lethal Butterfly stroke. Having a drink with the masked man, An soon realizes he has been poisoned. The devilish man removes his mask revealing himself to be Fang Chuen Chang, thought to have been killed by 'Sword Spirit' much earlier. Opening the map, Fang finds out that it's a fake. 'Sword Spirit' then enters the cave to Fang Chuen Chang's shock, having thought the mighty swordsman dead from the poisoning. The two then fight. Fang is injured in the battle and kills himself and sets off explosions in an effort to destroy An Sing Yao in the process. Later, Chan and Fong Fong are by a riverside when An Sing Yao appears and attacks Chan wishing to challenge him curious if he has learned the Butterfly Stroke from the deceased Wah Lung. Both men engage in an intense struggle with the map of the Chinese strategic defense as the ultimate prize.