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Jackie Chan and Crystal Liu interview about Dragon's Heart Charity



Jackie Attends Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Accepts US$540,000 for Dragon's Heart Charity

On October 30th, Jackie and his Forbidden Kingdom co-star, Crystal Liu attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of a new shop for Roger Dubuis Manufacturer, makers of luxury watches. Jackie attended the event wearing a white outfit and dark sunglasses.

Here is a translation of an interesting Chinese news report on the ceremony:

Jackie Chan Dresses Like "Big Brother" Wearing a White Outfit with Dark Sunglasses and Gives Advice to Crystal Liu on How to Handle Fans

After being in the entertainment industry for several years, Crystal Liu's gestures have also matured and her complicated looking outfit made her appear a little overweight. One does wonder if her beautiful dress came from a genuine designer or if it's just an imitated version. During the event, Jackie often whispered in Crystal's ear, reminding her of the importance of her fans. Crystal immediately turned to her fans and revealed a dazzling smile.

More important than Crystal's weight or whether her dress was authentic was the fact that a check for US $540,000 was donated by the Roger Dubuis Manufacturer company to Jackie's Dragon's Heart Charity.