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Wu Tang Collection - Shaolin Tong Zi Gung



Director: Sit Hau
Cast: Jet Li II, Cheung Lung, Wang Li-Sha, Wong Hing-Yuk, Siu Chiu-Ming

In the last years of the Ming Dynasty, Prince Fu and his son Lou-yang ran wild terrorizing the vassal state of Henan. Their only block was the 500 monk-
soldiers protecting the Shaolin Temple. Under the pretense of an order from the Emperor, Prince Fu sent all 500 monk-soldiers away to fight bandits, leaving
Shaolin Temple unprotected. Guang Ci had been training some of the young monks in martial arts. With the 500 monk-soldiers gone, Prince Fu planned his
ambush and his army began surrounding the Shaolin Temple. Aware of Prince Fu's evil intentions, the young monks defend the temple with Tong Deng
leading. Only his "Tong Zi Gong" can overwhelm Prince Fu's "Light Kicking" in this struggle for consummate power. Superb Wu Shu fights in the tradition of Jet Li's, Shaolin temple.

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