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Qin archers



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This is a scene from Jet Li's "Hero" (2002)
Obviously this is ahistorical.
This is a movie, not a documentary.
No army would waste that many arrows to have them ruined and stuck in buildings, only to just waltz away and not return.
What would have actually happened is that they would be given the option to surrender the city, or be attacked. If they resisted, they would have been killed, and those left would have been arrested.
This is entirely just for entertainment purposes, as no army operated in the displayed manner there. It would have been entirely impractical, and if anything, weakened the attacking army by the loss of arrows.
You don't march on a city only to waste arrows and not take it.
Furthermore, you don't destroy a city unless it's absolutely necessary, as it costs a lot of money to rebuild.
it's funny how many morons will ask the name of the movie without simply reading this description lol