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“Tai Chi For Seniors“ Videocassette



MMRentals Bizarro Videocassette Library presents:

“Tai Chi For Seniors“

Every day countless seniors discover what millions of people already know… Tai Chi is one of the most beneficial low impact workouts ever developed. Designed specficially for seniors, these special Tai Chi exercises can increase your strength and endurance, which can help alleviate pan and help you to relax. The exercises are fun and easy to do — only ten moves in our 4 minute style. Plus, acupressure techniques are also taught to help you learn to reduce stress and boost your vitality!

It’s never too late to begin an exercise program. By following this simple Tai Chi exercise program, you can start on your way to a better level of health today.

59 min / Color / Stereo / 1996 / VHS

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