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Zhao Bao King Tai Chi games development and future direction in kung fu 20171202



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King Tai Chi means the tai chi using internal skills of muscle called King. King is the use of muscle skill to deliver the body weight for healthy and interesting exercises.
1.K12 exercise(Raymond, Simon, Lamia, KL)
King-12 Move is design for beginners for fa jin. It is the left and right mirror image from 6 of the Zhao Bao Tai Chi moves, with soft and hard jin power, coherent in-and-out, coordinate up-and-low, motivating the internal body weight.
Zhao Bao Tai Chi is one of the most ancient tai chi style. It was introduced by Master Wong Chun Or to the first generation Master Chiang Fat who live in Zhao Bao City. From Chiang there are total ten generations of Master of different surname, all in the Zhao Bao City who taught this ancient tai chi.

2. Personal demo
The personal section is for the regular exam of own progress of the Zhao Bao 72 during the school terms. It takes the format of freeze fa jin for one single jin. One single jin means the CG Dan Ten only move for once. Employing the freeze format could avoid accidental injury. It is an interesting touch, and during the interaction, only one jin from body weight could be delivered, it is a pure internal kung fu of body weight as the move is freezed.
By dividing the move of the CG into three distinctive direction of momentum, one can easily see the application and the target of the each king.(same as jin)
Simon十 Raymond (Single Whip 3 Jin)
An overall gulp puke sink float skill, achieving the smooth gear and bearing effect.
William 十 KL(GPSF)
While being locked and blocked, the arm could do let empty skills, with the crotch and body trunk skills, the challenger would be entangled
Wah十Raymond(WCW, HCW)
There is a lot of related skills in this One-man-band. When the rear leg is locking to support the CG, it is a dead Step. When the rear leg is unlocked, to toss challenger, it is a live step. The former is more resilient but the latter is more agile.
Tim(One-Man band)

3. Theme:The Martial arts forest by King Tai Chi、Korea Dr Yoo

Master Yoo from Korea is skilful in various kind of martial arts while Master Pang from Hong Kong King Tai Chi Academy focus in the king skill of Tai Chi only. It is difficult to have the compare and contrast way of learning. However all human sports, no matter martial arts, ball games, the walk, run, jump fundamental movement must obey the universal law of momentum. Hence through the workshop, it focus on the (1) stabilization of CG, and (2) speeding up of CG. The viewers have to look for the video by Master Yoo and Master Pang ( by themselves. It is not an open air match, both has some advantages of their own, but training up student with a critical mind on momentum skills.

A. Guide the CG (添十孔)
Hung and Tim imitate Master Yoo who guard his CG within the two feet area for stability. But Tim and Hung put their CG on the front leg so they could do the fa jin speedy to challenger, not just for defence. Another point is the waving of Yoo body trunk to break down the momentum to avoid being crash head-on, but this is in direct contradiction to the first proverb of Tai Chi "Posture upright comfort confidence". So he could be locked up without rescue from the body trunk muscle.

B. Speeding CG (KL十William+Raymond)

Yoo understand CG is Dan Ten, and the pelvis bone is the CG carrier. Therefore he always Jap the pelvis, stepping, jumping to increase theCG speed for max momentum magnitude. William and KL imitate Yoo's way to increase the speed of CG. Afterwards, William and KL pin down their pillar for the hip ball bone to do the pivot, so that the CG could be put into motion by the Dan Ten muscle. The structure ensure a forwards transfer of momentum power, this way not any rebounding force back to the fa jin Master.

In conclusion, Master Yoo is very powerful and skillful in his move on the video. Both could improve the tai chi further with the king skill of momentum.

C. Freeze fa jin application to sport explained
This last section introduce the applicable skill from the momentum king physics via human body.

Demo called Overlord hold cauldron which is skill in weightlifting
The Demo called the heavy pin in the sea which is skills for landing of a gymnastic
Demo The successful Let-skill for bouncing Latin dancer
Barely a touch-the skill to strike a ball
The fairy sleeve flap -to do back hand strike

Demo The falling Boulder, skill for golfer to control the direction of swing
One-man-band Hercules stand against the pushing truck
Demo The five finger mountain-skill for arm wrestling
Dragon walk control the CG for ice skating
Dragon on shallow water, skill for choking CG and toss instantly

The King Prime Challlenge freeze fa jin game

4. Guest Talk Dr Lee
5. Photo

The King Prime Challenge
The taichi story energizing the ordinary: Outline