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Chen Tai Chi Chuan DVD (Chen Taijiquan, 陈氏太极拳)



Loading... Learn the original form of Tai Chi which comes from the Chen family in China. The Tai Chi forms and exercises on this DVD come from Chen Quanzhong, 19th generation Grandmaster from the Chen Tai Chi (Taijiquan) family. Shawn Cartwright, 20th generation indoor student of Grandmaster Chen, presents the original forms and exercises with some rarely seen Tai Chi drills. Grandmaster Chen preserves the sequence and essence of the original routine, while shortening it to 36 movements by removing the repetitions. The form is more accessible and great way to start Chen Tai Chi. This DVD includes eight complete Tai Chi practice sets with teaching commentary.

1 Warm Up 热身
2 Post Standing 站桩
3 Silk Reeling 缠丝
4 Four Directions 四正手
5 Four Corners 四隅手
6 Five Steps 五步法
7 Thirteen Postures 十三式
8 First Form (36 Moves) 三十六式
9 Teaching Commentary 分解教学