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5-A) david dorian ross denies knowing an exercise known as "the Tai Chi Walk"!



August 1, 2001. When asked by Terence Dunn's attorney Bill Ford whether there is anything in the six video frames excerpted from David Doria Ross's DVD, "A.M. Chi For Beginners" produced by Gaiam, Inc. (Exhibit 6-C), which he called "The Tai Chi Walk", "that is inconsistent with a Tai Chi exercise known as "the Tai Chi Walk", David Dorian Ross testifies under oath:

"I don't know and I was never taught a particular exercise known as 'the Tai Chi Walk.'" (0:25 to 0:32)

• This statement appears to be wholly contradicted by this Youtube video posted by Ross on December 16, 2014, which bears the title, "How Learning the Tai Chi walk (in China) changed my life", which refers to the same exercise that he testified about in this Aug. 1, 2001 deposition that he had learned in China but that he refused to describe as a Tai Chi exercise--because as he argued, "Tai Chi Walk" is not "The Tai Chi Walk"(!)

• Ross's denial under oath is similarly contradicted by his January 3, 2015 Youtube video that he titled, "The Beginner's Tai Chi Walk" and in which he verbally and graphically describes the lesson as "Advanced Tai Chi, Back to the Basics" !

Apparently, the exercise known as "The Tai Chi Walk" that he demonstrated in the Gaiam "Lower Body Chi For Beginners" DVD that he claimed was NOT a Tai Chi exercise during his deposition on Aug. 2001--has been magically transformed into a full-fledged Tai Chi exercise that he now refers to as "The Tai Chi Walk"?? Or is it still NOT a Tai Chi exercise, "master" Ross??

Apparently, 14 years later, "the exercise referred to as 'The Tai Chi Walk' " that he claimed he did know know and was never taught--but which he somehow performed in 1999 on the Gaiam DVD titled "Lower Body Chi For Beginners"--is today a Tai Chi exercise that he does know and can teach it to others!

THIS IS PART OF A PUBLIC RECORD: The deposition of david dorian ross taken by William Ford of the Ford Law Firm on Aug. 1, 2001, representing Terence Dunn, plaintiff in case BC 244453, styled as Terence Dunn and Interarts Productions, Inc. vs. Gaiam, Inc., Gaiam Holdings, Inc. Steve P. and Elizabeth A. Adams Holdings, Healing Arts Publishing, LLC, David Dorian Ross and John Does 1-100, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in January 2000.

Terence Dunn sued Gaiam, Inc., et. al. for breach of contract, alleging that Gaiam instead of honoring the exclusivity provision in Dunn’s Distribution Agreement that prohibited Gaiam from marketing any Tai Chi videos other than Dunn's Tai Chi for Health Yang Short Form and TCFH Yang Long Form videos, Gaiam had hired david dorian ross in 1999 to make three more "Chi" videos (Upper Body Chi, Lower Body Chi, and Energy Chi) after he made "A.M. Chi" for HAPI (CEO Steve Adams) in 1998, which, according to Dunn's Complaint, all had Tai Chi as their principal subject matter but which Gaiam effectively disguised as "Qigong" programs by their titling ("Chi For Beginners") and descriptions on the videos' packagings, and which Gaiam then used to cannibalize Dunn's dominant market share from 1999 through 2003--a market share that was measured from Nielson Videoscan data for those years as accounting for 35% of all barcoded video titles sold with the world "Chi" in their titles. Dunn's damages claimed in the lawsuit as propounded by his damages expert, Consor Intellectual Asset Management, totaled approximately $2.4 million.

Throughout Ross's deposition, he contended that the Gaiam "Chi For Beginners" DVDs that he appeared in did not have Tai Chi as their principal subject matter even though he used the term "Tai Chi" throughout the videos, and named his exercises with terms of art exclusive to Tai Chi. Despite the fact that Ross's postures in the videos were physically identical to still images put in front of him of Terence Dunn's Tai Chi postures from his Tai Chi For Health Short Form and TCFH Long Form videos and to images of Tai Chi postures excerpted from ten published Tai Chi books, Ross consistently testified that NONE of the material he demonstrated in the videos were Tai Chi exercises because he did not have "the internal intent" to do Tai Chi(!)

However, Gaiam Inc.'s designated Tai Chi expert, Master Mao Xing Ni (son of Ni Hua Ching)--in a surprising turn during his deposition that flummox'd Gaiam's lawyers-- testified that the subject matter of the 3 of the 4 ross videos (Energy Chi, Lower Body Chi, Upper Body Chi) was indeed Tai Chi-- thus grossly contradicting the ross's testimony and from his point of view, making Ross out to be a liar.

Dunn and Gaiam settled the lawsuit in September 2003.

This video is a public record free to share and distribute. It and 15 other excerpts along with Ross's entire deposition given that day is found at: