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Common Mistakes When Practicing Tai Chi



Founder of Energy Arts, Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis of Wu and Yang Styles of Tai Chi talks about common mistakes when practicing tai chi.

Tai Chi for beginners -

Perfection - Having the attitude that you need to be perfect, is setting yourself up to fail.

Practice with regularity - Build up your strength with regular practice rather than trying to do a weeks worth of tai chi and hurting yourself.

Develop a sense of your body - Understand how your body gets bigger and smaller as you do different movements. Open up your body and let it breath.

Improper breathing - Be conscientious of your breathing. Your breathing should relax and your body will follow.

Relax your mind - If your mind is stressed it will cause your body to stress. While practicing tai chi, make sure your mind is relaxed to get the most out of your time.

Know the difference between tai chi and western meditation. Feeling your body during movements vs visualizing a movement.

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