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Chinese army destroys Japanese pirates in Cengang [Eng Sub] 戚继光岑港战倭寇



Qi Jiguang was a Chinese military general of the Ming dynasty during 16th century. He’s known for defending China’s east coastal regions against “wokou”: organised armies of raiders that consisted of Japanese ronins and local Chinese pirates. Qi was a military genius who invented effective infantry weapons (such as langxian or “wolf pike”) and tactics (most notably the 12-man “mandarin duck” squad formation). He also incorporated a volunteer-based recruitment (as opposed to the traditional conscription) that allowed to build a dedicated, well-disciplined fighting force. On the battlefield his elite troops could occasionally achieve kill-to-death ratios of over 100 against the wokou. This clip is edited from the 2015 Chinese historical drama “Heroic Qi Jiguang” and depicts a modern reenactment (not every detail is historically accurate, but at least more truthful than "300") of the Battle of Cengang, one of Qi’s earliest decisive victories.